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The association arose in the spring of 2001 through the initiative of a group of people, which formed the “Associazione Culturale Parrocchia Sacro Cuore”, later called “Associazione Culturale Pilastro” in the “Sacro Cuore” parish of Viterbo.
Its constitution was formally made official by an enacting act and a statute on May 19, 2002.

Under the project of the association born the parade, which depicts a procession of the oldest noble families from the “Santa Rosa Age” and fixed its headquarters, thanks to the availability of the parish priest Don Flavio Valeri, in the “Sacro Cuore” parish.

Initially composed of 50 figures, the group sees the participation of women, men and children who wear Renaissance costumes handsewn with rich fabrics such as velvet and damask, finished and embellished with gold trimmings and white pearls.
The debut took place on May 25, 2001 on the occasion of the “Pilastro” neighborhood festivities, parading with the “minifacchini” through the neighborhood streets and the city center, collecting exciting appreciations from all Viterbo citizens and not only them.
The afternoon of September 3, 2001 pending the “Macchina di Santa Rosa”, the group was called to parade along the prestigious route. This is an honor repeated each year.

Since 2001 the parade continues its rise and participate in events and celebrations of the Patron Saints that take place in Viterbo and province. Moreover the group takes part in the “Santissimo Salvatore” procession, “San Pellegrino in Fiore”, “Viterbo con amore” and lastly in the “Madonna Santissima Liberatrice”.

Since May 2011, the Association to enrich and bring prestige to the parade founded the musicians group, initially consisting of 2 trumpets and 4 drums (2 “rullanti” and 2 “imperiali”, technical and historical names).
The musicians group began to participate in various events also independently receiving appreciations and growing in number of components.
The music is designed and produced by the group members.

In November 2012 the management approved the establishment of the flag-waving group (initially 6) with the first official release on August 31, 2013 on the occasion of the “ Trasporto della Minimacchina di Santa Rosa”, the “Pilastro” neighborhood festivity of the city of Viterbo that takes place every year on the last Saturday of August.

In 2016, the Association sees a further increase of its components, establishing the “sbandieratori e musici” junior group for children from 9 to 14 years old realizing the first coming out with an initial formation of 6 musicians and 12 flag bearers on the 12th of June 2016 during the anniversary of both the “Sacro Cuore” parish and the Association, which celebrates 15 years of activity. This date will be established, for years to come, as the Anniversary of the Association

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