Famiglie Nobili Viterbesi

The Procession

The historical parade is composed of about 60 participants, respectively men, women and children to represent, in a procession, the ancient noble families of Viterbo with their Renaissance costumes, costumes for couples, men’s costumes, woman and children ones.

They represent notaries, nobles, knights, ladies and pages belonging to the nobility of Viterbo.

Handsewn clothes of various colors such as yellow, blue, red, white, purple, burgundy, pink, light blue, green and orange were made with rich fabrics such as velvet and damask, finished and embellished with gold trimmings and white pearls.
On these garments are embroidered the coats of arms of the noble families of Viterbo.
Noble Families
Noble Families
The clothes are many and parade single or in pairs, flanked by smaller clothes for children or teens.
Usually each dress or pair of clothes, is associated with a noble family of Viterbo.

Famiglia Alessandri
Famiglia Almadiani
Famiglia Bussi
Famiglia Capocci
Famiglia Cerrosi
Famiglia Degli Atti
Famiglia Gatti
Famiglia Maidalchini
Famiglia Monaldeschi
Famiglia Sacchi
Famiglia Spatha
Famiglia Tignosi
Famiglia Zazzara
Famiglia Zelli Pazzaglia
The Noble Families, with their parade, will catapult the streets and squares of the cities into ancient times. To request a parade, to join it or simply for more information you can contact us by phone:

Otherwise you can get in touch with:
FABIO DEL CITTO (Chairman) +39 393 1250425
ASSUNTINA CIVITELLI (Corteo leader) +39 393 2301173

Otherwise you can send an email to: corteo@sbandieratoripilastro.it

Translation: Giulia Di Prospero
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